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  • VSD

Our Partnership with CGIAR

The partnership between Deep Science Ventures and  Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT (a CGIAR center) will extend the research, supervision and talent attraction capabilities of Deep Science Ventures’ Ph.D. programme (The Venture Science Doctorate).

19 March 2024
  • agriculture
  • Desertification

Engineering Agriculture to Reverse Anthropogenic Desertification

In this article, we explore how human activity and global warming are causing arable land to disappear at an alarming rate. By intervening and enforcing regenerative cycles instead of exploitive ones, we have the opportunity to create a brighter future for the environment and humanity.

12 March 2024
  • climate
  • Methane

The Case for Methane Abatement

At the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, we’re on track to exceed a dangerous threshold - 2°C of warming - by 2050. In this article, we consider why methane abatement could help us to avoid near-term warming, and outline potential approaches for venture creation that could make this a reality.

22 February 2024
  • climate
  • Power

The Next Hurdle for Renewable Power: Overcoming Seasonal Intermittency

Installed renewables capacity has been exceeding forecasts year on year, but there’s a cloud on the horizon: renewables cannot be on-demand. Or can they? To keep on our trajectory to net-zero emissions power, we need to face the next hurdle: overcoming seasonal intermittency.

20 February 2024
  • pharmaceuticals
  • cancer

Revolutionising Paediatric Cancer Treatment

We believe there is a significant opportunity to revolutionise the way we treat paediatric cancer patients, by taking a paediatric-first approach.

15 February 2024
  • pharmaceuticals
  • partnerships

Forging New Pathways in Parkinson’s Therapeutics

We announce our alliance with Parkinson's UK.

20 December 2023
  • climate
  • Negative Emissions Technologies

The Path Forward for Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies

In this article, we explore the past, present, and future of the CDR industry as we build three new ventures to support the creation and function of this nascent industry.

05 December 2023
  • agriculture
  • Bioeconomy

Unlocking the Potential of Agricultural Residues

Agricultural residues are increasingly no longer seen as waste, but as valuable resources and inputs for other sectors of the economy. While advancements in technology are enabling the transformation of these raw materials into products, we are still failing to harness these resources effectively, with vast amounts of potential feedstocks being wasted or used for low-value applications. In this article, we explore how a commodity market for these materials might help us overcome this problem.

27 September 2023
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Neurofibromatosis

Gene Therapy for Neurofibromatosis - the Path to a Cure

Despite being among the most common genetic disorders worldwide (1 in ~2500 births collectively) the NF field has sadly been overlooked for decades. Yet it is difficult to understand why, given the huge unmet need and extremely limited treatment options – none of which offer curative potential for patients. Gene therapy offers the path towards a cure. In this article, we outline the nature of the challenge, why now is the right time to solve it, and explore the unanswered questions we'd like to address through venture creation. 

08 August 2023
  • agriculture
  • Soil erosion

From Erosion to Regeneration: Our Vision for Saving Agricultural Soils

Soil degradation from intensive farming practices creates an urgent need for regeneration but current erosion prevention solutions have limitations. In this article, we outline a promising alternative, using biodegradable polymers derived from natural sources, which can integrate into the soil while avoiding environmental risks.

02 August 2023
  • agriculture
  • Plant resilience

Enhancing Plant Resilience for a Changing Climate

The detrimental effects of rising temperatures on crops are felt worldwide, as climate change expedites withering and drives premature ripening of agricultural produce. The repercussions extend beyond the affected crops, wreaking havoc on surrounding plant life and posing severe challenges for agricultural sustainability and profitability. In this article, we outline potential approaches to support farmers in meeting human needs, supporting livelihoods, biodiversity, and the natural processes that sustain life on Earth.

19 June 2023
  • climate
  • Clean Steel

Creating the Future of Clean Steel

Ancient and remarkably versatile, steel is produced in volumes second only to concrete and aggregate globally, making up critical parts of the modern economy including infrastructure, transport and appliances, and resulting in emissions of 3.5bn tonnes of CO2 annually. With steel production forecast to continue to grow, in this article we explore potential approaches to decarbonising this vital industry.

01 June 2023
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Enedra Therapeutics

Leading Cancer Biologists and Entrepreneurs Join Enedra Therapeutics as Co-Founders

Enedra Therapeutics, a therapeutics company within the Deep Science Ventures portfolio, announces that it is adding a number of seasoned industry executives as co-founders, bringing extensive expertise in cancer biology, drug discovery and corporate strategy to the team.

12 April 2023
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Inflammatory disease

Why are there no cures for inflammatory disease – and can tolerance solve it?

Despite tremendous unmet need, there are still no cures for inflammatory disease. Existing therapies fail for known reasons – yet nobody has thus far created therapeutics that fulfil all the necessary requirements. We need to find ways to turn off the causal upstream sources of inflammation rather than simply mopping up downstream inflammatory signals.

31 March 2023
  • climate
  • Water

Our planet needs water solutions

As current projections stand, over 4 billion people will face some form of water scarcity by 2050 - the majority of which will reside in urban centres. Even if ambitious climate and population growth targets are adopted, only about 20% of water scarcity can be mitigated. In this article, we explore methods for how me might overcome this water scarcity.

10 March 2023
  • Science entrepreneurship

We need to make atoms-based entrepreneurship cool again

There's a talent shortage in deep tech. In a world where personalised medicine and abundant clean energy is no longer restricted to the realm of scientific fiction, unless we can inspire more people to acquire a scientific foundation, and move from science into impact, we risk failing to realise that future. In this article, we outline how creating it will require scientists and engineers to take control of their own stories, to encourage others to join them in working on these hard problems.

06 March 2023
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Solid Tumours

Immunotherapies should work more broadly - why don’t they?

Solid tumours are the leading cause of cancer deaths globally, with limited options for treatment once the tumours reach a metastatic stage. While immunotherapy has been a promising treatment for many solid cancers, its success rate varies greatly, leaving many patients without treatment options. In this article, we explore why, and how a new therapeutic approach we're developing, could finally enable immunotherapies in solid tumours.

03 February 2023
  • agriculture
  • 21st Century Crops

Creating circular bioeconomies through next-generation crops

There is an increasing need for sustainable and efficient ways to produce vital resources, from food and fibre to advanced materials like biofuels and bioplastics. In this article, we outline why we're interested in expanding the range of products produced from crops, and how we can create new venture-able opportunities, while supporting the growth of local, regional, and national bioeconomies.

16 January 2023
  • climate
  • Negative emissions technology

Creating a next generation Direct Air Capture venture

The first generation of direct air capture companies (DAC) suffered from intensive energy requirements and high costs. In this article, we cover how the next generation of DAC companies are overcoming this challenge, what constraints still exist, and how a new venture that we're creating circumvents them.

28 December 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Cystic Fibrosis

Creating Gene Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis

In this article, we outline how far gene therapies have come since they were first utilised in the early 1990s, how we're planning on using a promising approach to develop a curative therapy for Cystic Fibrosis, and how you can join us to make it a reality.

23 December 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Partnerships

Optimizing for Outcomes: how fresh perspectives can solve complex diseases

Using our methodology of venture creation, we're able to uncover novel therapeutics approaches in a disease area, that often haven't previously been considered. In this article, we explain how this works in practice, and how we've worked with two partners, the Children's Tumor Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, to uncover approaches within Neurofibromatosis and Cystic Fibrosis respectively.

09 December 2022
  • agriculture

Desarrollando cultivos del siglo XXI para la economía circular

07 October 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Partnership

Our Partnership with AbbVie

We've partnered with AbbVie, a global pharmaceutical company, to create ventures targeting immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. This content post contains the press release detailing the partnership.

30 November 2022
  • agriculture
  • Agricultural Transplantation

Why we need high-impact agricultural transplantation

Global food production is responsible for 80% of deforestation, 70% of freshwater use and, in drier regions, also leads to desertification. In this article, we outline approaches to reversing this trend, to increase the agricultural productivity of arid desert regions.

28 November 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Bioinformatics

How bioinformatics can transform cell-based therapeutics

Major hurdles still need to be overcome before cell therapies become pillars of modern medicine. In this article, we outline the opportunity for analytical systems that can optimise differentiation methods of pluripotent stem cells and how this will allow us to generate numerous therapeutic products at scale.

23 November 2022
  • Venture Science Doctorate

Why we need to reinvent the PhD

If science is the engine of human progress, research is the fuel. To solve some of the biggest challenges and existential threats facing humanity, we need to ensure that our research and talent pipeline is adequately aligned with the outcomes required to solve these problems.

25 October 2022
  • Founder Journey

What does it mean to be a Founder at DSV?

The Founders leading DSV portfolio companies are among the core drivers of our mission to create a future in which the planet and humanity thrive. In this article, we outline the journey that we take with our Founders as they create their companies and as they continue to scale.

14 October 2022
  • Outcomes Graph

Accelerating venture creation using our Outcomes Graph

At the centre of our venture creation efforts sit a shared ontology and knowledge graph, a tool we call the Outcomes Graph. In this article, we outline how it works and how it empowers our team and founders to identify the constraints and solutions within an area, to create more effective ventures.

26 September 2022
  • Outcomes Graph

Outcomes Graph: A protocol for applied science coordination

In this article, we explain how our Outcomes Graph works, including how the functions of scientific knowledge shape the features we've developed and how we're using it to harness the collective intelligence of venture scientists.

28 September 2022
  • climate
  • Alkalinity Enhancement

Carbon capture and sequestration in mining pit lakes

Ocean alkalinity enhancement has the potential to draw down carbon dioxide at the gigatonne scale but faces challenges with measurement and verification. We set out the case for an alternative approach, which solves these constraints.

26 August 2022
  • computation
  • Cyber Insurance

Fixing the broken Cyber Insurance market

Companies are being left vulnerable to cyber security threats, while cyber insurance providers are simultaneously suffering losses. We outline an approach to fix this, to restructure cyber insurance provision and realign incentives.

01 September 2022
  • agriculture
  • Wood Composites

Developing next generation construction materials

As the environmental costs of traditional construction materials have become more widely recognised, the demand for sustainable alternatives has risen. We discuss potential solutions, from fast-growing wood sources to new market applications.

25 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • Biomass Processing

Enabling circular bioeconomies with biomass processing

Biomass is an incredible renewable source of carbon, to reduce fossil fuel dependence and enable a circular bioeconomy. We outline our approaches to developing novel agricultural waste processing technologies, to produce high-value compounds.

19 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • 21st Century Crops

Developing 21st Century Crops for the circular economy

Plant breeding has historically focused on yield, resistance to pressures, and nutritional qualities. We explain how we're expanding that scope, to include material requirements, compound production and greenhouse gas emission goals.

16 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • Thermal adaptation

Adapting tropical agriculture to climate change

Climate change is driving deforestation and habitat loss in frontier areas where agriculture borders areas of high biodiversity. With an initial focus on coffee in the tropics, we investigate potential interventions to prevent this.

15 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • Costa Rica

Bioregional venture creation in Costa Rica

Introducing our new venture creation program, the Tropical Agriculture & Bioeconomy Initiative, in partnership with CRUSA Foundation, to create companies in Costa Rica focused on regenerative agriculture.

04 August 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Partnerships

Expanding our partnership with Cancer Research UK

We've expanded our partnership with Cancer Research UK, to develop curative therapies for cancer patients.

01 August 2022
  • computation
  • Universal Compute Fabric

Unlocking a post-Moore's Law approach to computing

We launched XONAI Computing as a next-generation data platform, to overcome the economic burden that cloud computing has become. We discuss their approach, their recent impressive results and our next area of focus.

29 July 2022
  • Science Venture

Creating a Thriving Future

What we’ve learnt from 5 years of building deep science companies, and how we’re re-engineering scientific venture creation.

28 July 2022
  • agriculture
  • Bioregions

Why agriculture venture-building should focus on bioregions

To achieve restorative cultivation outcomes, we need to focus our agriculture venture creation efforts on bioregions: Local programs that can be scaled globally.

25 July 2022
  • Founders

How this founder is building a business and a family at the same time

Having launched Parallel Carbon, a direct-air-capture company, in 2021, a year after she joined DSV. Aranza is also building a family: her daughter was born in the same month as her business! She tells us her story.

27 May 2022
  • agriculture
  • Regenerative

Why is Regenerative Agriculture so Crucial?

We outline why regenerative agriculture is so crucial to solving the triple planetary crisis of nature and biodiversity loss, climate change and runaway pollution and waste accumulation.

25 February 2022
  • climate
  • Insurance

Why fixing insurance can save the planet

The insurance industry is struggling with climate change. Portfolio company Malachite is using socio-urban data to incentivise risk-reducing behaviour, in an approach that might allow insurance to save the planet.

14 June 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Cystic Fibrosis

We're trying to cure Cystic Fibrosis - will you join us?

There is an unfounded belief often suggested by commentators that recent advancements have rendered cystic fibrosis (CF) manageable for all patients. We explain why we cannot make the assumption that ‘we are done with CF’.

08 June 2022
  • Founders

How these founders are building a science company remotely

From home laboratories to electrochemical-testing-devices-in-a-suitcase, Ryan, cofounder of Parallel Carbon tells us how they're building their direct-air-capture company fully remotely.

15 June 2022
  • climate
  • Negative Emissions Technology

Engineering biology to mitigate climate change

We need nature-based solutions to solve climate change: Whether it's enhancing the growth of eukaryotic microorganisms in soil or cultivating seagrass meadows, we explore some of those approaches.

08 March 2022

Adaptando fincas tropicales al cambio climático

07 October 2022

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