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  • climate
  • Alkalinity Enhancement

Carbon capture and sequestration in mining pit lakes

Ocean alkalinity enhancement has the potential to draw down carbon dioxide at the gigatonne scale but faces challenges with measurement and verification. We set out the case for an alternative approach, which solves these constraints.

26 August 2022
  • computation
  • Cyber Insurance

Fixing the broken Cyber Insurance market

Companies are being left vulnerable to cyber security threats, while cyber insurance providers are simultaneously suffering losses. We outline an approach to fix this, to restructure cyber insurance provision and realign incentives.

01 September 2022
  • agriculture
  • Wood Composites

Developing next generation construction materials

As the environmental costs of traditional construction materials have become more widely recognised, the demand for sustainable alternatives has risen. We discuss potential solutions, from fast-growing wood sources to new market applications.

25 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • Biomass Processing

Enabling circular bioeconomies with biomass processing

Biomass is an incredible renewable source of carbon, to reduce fossil fuel dependence and enable a circular bioeconomy. We outline our approaches to developing novel agricultural waste processing technologies, to produce high-value compounds.

19 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • 21st Century Crops

Developing 21st Century Crops for the circular economy

Plant breeding has historically focused on yield, resistance to pressures, and nutritional qualities. We explain how we're expanding that scope, to include material requirements, compound production and greenhouse gas emission goals.

16 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • Thermal adaptation

Adapting tropical agriculture to climate change

Climate change is driving deforestation and habitat loss in frontier areas where agriculture borders areas of high biodiversity. With an initial focus on coffee in the tropics, we investigate potential interventions to prevent this.

15 August 2022
  • agriculture
  • Costa Rica

Bioregional venture creation in Costa Rica

Introducing our new venture creation program, the Tropical Agriculture & Bioeconomy Initiative, in partnership with CRUSA Foundation, to create companies in Costa Rica focused on regenerative agriculture.

04 August 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Partnerships

Expanding our partnership with Cancer Research UK

We've expanded our partnership with Cancer Research UK, to develop curative therapies for cancer patients.

01 August 2022
  • computation
  • Universal Compute Fabric

Unlocking a post-Moore's Law approach to computing

We launched XONAI Computing as a next-generation data platform, to overcome the economic burden that cloud computing has become. We discuss their approach, their recent impressive results and our next area of focus.

29 July 2022
  • Science Venture

Creating a Thriving Future

What we’ve learnt from 5 years of building deep science companies, and how we’re re-engineering scientific venture creation.

28 July 2022
  • agriculture
  • Bioregions

Why agriculture venture-building should focus on bioregions

To achieve restorative cultivation outcomes, we need to focus our agriculture venture creation efforts on bioregions: Local programs that can be scaled globally.

25 July 2022
  • Founders

How this founder is building a business and a family at the same time

Having launched Parallel Carbon, a direct-air-capture company, in 2021, a year after she joined DSV. Aranza is also building a family: her daughter was born in the same month as her business! She tells us her story.

27 May 2022
  • agriculture
  • Regenerative

Why is Regenerative Agriculture so Crucial?

We outline why regenerative agriculture is so crucial to solving the triple planetary crisis of nature and biodiversity loss, climate change and runaway pollution and waste accumulation.

25 February 2022
  • climate
  • Insurance

Why fixing insurance can save the planet

The insurance industry is struggling with climate change. Portfolio company Malachite is using socio-urban data to incentivise risk-reducing behaviour, in an approach that might allow insurance to save the planet.

14 June 2022
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Cystic Fibrosis

We're trying to cure Cystic Fibrosis - will you join us?

There is an unfounded belief often suggested by commentators that recent advancements have rendered cystic fibrosis (CF) manageable for all patients. We explain why we cannot make the assumption that ‘we are done with CF’.

08 June 2022
  • Founders

How these founders are building a science company remotely

From home laboratories to electrochemical-testing-devices-in-a-suitcase, Ryan, cofounder of Parallel Carbon tells us how they're building their direct-air-capture company fully remotely.

15 June 2022
  • climate
  • Negative Emissions Technology

Engineering biology to mitigate climate change

We need nature-based solutions to solve climate change: Whether it's enhancing the growth of eukaryotic microorganisms in soil or cultivating seagrass meadows, we explore some of those approaches.

08 March 2022

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