Create ventures with us, either as a founder or as part of the core team.

Our Values

Depth of insight
We pride ourselves on our ability to see through accepted belief to root causes, to think in first principles, to learn when we do not know the answer.
Holy grails only. We build the ideal, the paragon: impossible is often just a phase.
Sense of urgency
Get going. Commit to the deadline, we can get it done in time.
Culture of honest appraisal, failure acknowledged outright, receive criticism thoughtfully.
Extreme ownership
We should do better. Diagnosis is tolerated, excuses are not. Compete with ourselves.
The personal is professional.
We bring people with us. Magnetise.
Permit madness
Suspend disbelief. It does not need to be an idea yet. An interesting problem is better than an interesting idea. Stretch the limits of plausibility. Steal relentlessly from other fields.

Our founders’ stories


Aranza joined DSV as a Co-Founder. Although her original venture was found to have intractable problems, she subsequently joined Ryan, who was also at DSV as a Founding Analyst, to found Parallel Carbon. Despite operating fully remotely, and also becoming a mother in the same month she incorporated, they recently placed Top 60 in the X-Prize for Carbon Removal.
DSV's culture is unique in many ways. Founders' work-life balance has a special importance within the structure. This allowed me to fulfil my 2 greatest dreams within the same month: founding my own company and becoming a mum. Other places could consider motherhood as a liability or a problem, but DSV embraces the possibilities it could really bring to the table.


Gael joined DSV as a Founding Analyst, with no specific ideas, IP or team members. He left having built both a direct air capture company and a green hydrogen company, which in less than 12 months, together had secured £700k in funding and 5 additional team members, and received multiple offers of investment, all before he’d left DSV. These companies have now secured £20m in funding.
The task, to develop optimal technological solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. The ideal outcome, to found multiple companies in the climate sector. An outcome that seemed almost impossible


Murat joined as founder in our founding cohort. You could call him a "founding founder". The way he built Antiverse served as an example around which we designed some of DSV's core methodologies. He started with an extremely ambitious outcome, and conducted expert interviews, ignoring their specific opinions about feasibility but focusing ruthlessly on uncovering the true constraints that underlaid those opinions. Today, Antiverse's technology represents the cutting edge in in silico antibody design.
The DSV team is there for the long run, and that is the type of support biotech and deep tech companies need. The growing DSV network has been a significant driving force behind our success. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all entrepreneurs.

Available opportunities

Associate, Therapeutics


Associate, Climate (New venture creation)


Founder, Building the Operating System for Natural Capital Markets


Founder, Enabling 21st Century Bioeconomies through Plant Biotech


Founder, Adapting Tropical Farms to Climate Change


Founder, Enabling Circular Bioeconomies with Biomass Processing


Founder, Next Generation Construction Biomaterials


Founder, Sequester billion tons of CO2 while cleaning up hazardous legacy mines


Founder, Lowering the barrier to self-insurance using captives


Founder and Product lead in unlocking the potential of insurance captives


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