Creating ventures to deliver real-impact

Redefining industries with mission-aligned partners

Maximising impact and financial return

The companies that we create are designed to deliver both impact and financial return, whether that’s to patient outcomes, increasing biodiversity or removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

We partner with companies and institutions that share those aims, where the combination of Deep Science Ventures’ experience with early stage venture, and our partners’ knowledge or capital, allow us to maximise those twin ambitions.

Our partnerships

Within the sectors we operate in, we identify and evaluate the areas that are underperforming. We partner with value-add industry leaders, leveraging our combined experience and using our proven methodology to remove structural barriers, to build high-impact ventures:

Deep Science Ventures is not a consulting firm, we act as an investment firm in our own right, investing along side our partners; leading ideation, talent identification and venture creation using our proprietary tools and processes. Our partners are involved throughout the process and have the option to invest alongside us in the ventures we create.


We work collaboratively with stragically aligned corporates, investors, non-profits and government departments to enhance their own native expertise with our systematic approach to venture creation.

We take a managed, pragmatic, first-principles approach to identify the whitespace and the desired outcome and work backwards to technology and talent.
Agile environment

We work with a flexible talent pool working in a fundamentally fast moving and agile environment - producing tailored companies in <18 months.

Broad solutions
We believe there is no panacea and take a broad systemic approach to building and backing companies in different parts of developing ecosystems.

Our partners

The process

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Partner testimonials

Benny Oeyen

Executive Head of Market Development, Anglo American

We are pleased to partner with Deep Science Ventures (DSV) and build on their proven experience implementing repeatable and scalable business models from applied science. As part of our efforts to shape a sustainable future for our industry, we search for innovative solutions with the potential to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as the descarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors.
Working with DSV, we have had the opportunity to appreciate their bold yet rigorous approach to creating and growing new businesses with the creation of three new businesses which have subsequently raised private capital. We look forward to continuing to explore the new frontiers of science-based venturing.



DSV, with their output-focused approach, and willingness to step into the most novel and promising areas of science, are highly aligned to our drive to deliver breakthroughs in patient outcomes.
With CRUK having already created three companies with DSV, our latest partnership has the potential to create multiple new oncology companies that will initially be incubated within Therapeutic Innovation's drug discovery labs.



This iterative venture studio business model is a paradigm shift in creating market led, founder friendly companies based on entrepreneurial and scientific rigour and excellence.
Our partnership with DSV is based on shared values, openness, mutual trust and respect and is very important to us.
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