Where scientists and engineers come together to build ventures that matter.
We fully fund and support the creation of massively impactful science driven companies from scratch.
Why Deep Science Ventures?
DSV is a venture building studio + venture capital fund built from the ground up to support interdisciplinary scientists and engineers looking to build solutions to real world challenges.

We don't focus on recruiting companies, but build them inside our 6-month venture building programme. We recruit people with deep domain expertise and desire to make real impact.

Extraordinary talented people

We select STEM background candidates with expertise ranging from biochemistry and plastic electronics to computational modelling. Diversity is key, and enables entirely new paradigms to emerge.
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Focus on creating impact with science
Science companies are designed and executed in subtly different ways from webtech companies. The DSV expert advisor and mentor network, programme curriculum and processes are built to reflect that.

Our focus is on opportunities emerging at the interface of science and engineering.

What happens when a computer scientist and a medicinal chemist get together to explore how to accelerate drug development? How about when a microbiologist and an architect investigate the bio-remediation of precious metals? Just two of hundreds of combinations that have already led to exciting ideas that would rarely happen organically.
Funding and support throughout
We provide basic salary to fund the first 3 months of the programme, followed by a £30k investment into those teams that demonstrate commercial and technical viability of their startup. Learn more about how it works.
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