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The Engineering Company


Engineering design is one of the most expensive, slow moving processes in the development of new technology. From rocket engines to wind turbines, the process is universal: top down direction from senior engineering leads, implementation and iteration by a large cohort of junior engineers. Minor iterations take several months. Major iterations can take more than a year. Information propagation through people and teams is slow and costly. Work items bear high levels of similarity across tasks and industries, but each must be done manually in the precise engineering context.


The Engineering Company have invented a radically faster and cheaper way of doing engineering development. 30x cheaper, 12x faster and with an 8x smaller team. They generate and licence customised engineering drawings for customers. Their platform automates the majority of manual execution work within an engineering company. They are currently exploiting the platform and code, in house, to build a monopoly on fabless engineering development. They’ve started by selling customised turbo-machinery drawings at scale. They’re backed by senior figures at NASA, ESA and BAE Systems.

“The success of all future NASA missions will depend on the development of a new way of performing engineering design.” – NASA, 1999