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Anyone that’s worked in a bio lab knows that it’s often the real work is just 1% inspiration and analysing data whilst most of the rest of the day consists of carefully moving liquids around and desperately trying not to kill your cells. That’s obviously a huge waste of time but more importantly, it leads to the lack of reproducibility that is rife in bioscience. There are lots of robotic solutions but they’re all incredibly expensive, not cross-compatible with other kit, off-site or so hard to use that they generally end up collecting dust in the corner.


The Mytos team came from a user need perspective, kicking off with a Hackathon at Imperial, and have identified that cell culture, particularly amongst companies working on emerging genetic therapies really needed a better solution. So they built it, a completely automated, low-cost cell culture system that can be stacked and controlled remotely via an app. This is just the first product and ultimately will sit as part of a platform of products that allow scientists to step away from the pipettes and focus on the science.