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Beta Bugs


Demand for novel protein sources is increasing non-linearly. A surge in middle-class populations puts strain on the traditional supply chains for livestock feed. More than 400 insect farms globally (growing at 100% CAGR) are attempting to replace existing plant and animal based livestock feed. This is because, as a source of protein, insects are 150x times more space efficient than soy, a primary protein source for feeding both fish and cattle. However, these farms all rely on the use of “wild type” insect strains.


Beta Bugs evolve better insects. They have already created and lab-tested the world’s first protocol for insect evolution. Moreover, they have designed modular, scalable breeding units that are 100x more space efficient than the trait development technology used in academia. Their trait development programme starts with breeding black soldier flies which are rich in Omega 3 for the aquaculture feed market, in partnership with one of the largest aquaculture feed companies in the UK. Beyond protein: insects could be used to break down industrial waste (lignocellulose, plastics), as a source for biofuel and to engineer ecosystems.

“Utopia would be a highly digestible protein source which is rich in Omega 3.” – General Manager at one of the largest aquaculture feed companies in the UK