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“DSV appoints Keith Thompson as Chair of the advisory board for the Pharma sector”

13th August 2020, London, UK – Deep Science Ventures (DSV)  has appointed Keith Thompson to the position of chair of the advisory board of the Pharma Sector with immediate effect. In this newly created role, Keith will take on responsibility for supporting building out the Pharma Sector at DSV – one of DSV’s four core sectors.


Deep Science Ventures has been through significant change since its inception three years ago and now operates as a venture studio and fund that has developed a systematic, optimised approach to science company development and investment. DSV is focused above all on building the critical infrastructure required for brand new, high growth, high impact companies. In contrast to an accelerator programme, DSV stimulates the generation of novel ideas through a proprietary process that focuses on first-principles thinking. This enables DSV to create companies that represent the “holy grail” in that opportunity area. The focus is on “tough” sectors which, relative to their economic value, tend to see fewer startups created.


Commenting on the appointment, Dr Mark Hammond, Founding director at DSV said: “We’re incredibly excited to have Keith joining us. Our mission in Pharma is to overcome the structural biases and inefficiencies that mean that whilst science continues to leap forward it is rarely translated into the most effective therapy, leaving patients with sub-optimal and often deadly outcomes. Keith has spent a lifetime tackling exactly these kind of challenges and supporting others to do so, most recently building the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult from an empty desk to the huge network of expertise, investors, industry and manufacturing that has overcome what once seemed like a near impossible goal of bringing these therapies to the patient. Our mission to usher in the next generation of scientific impact is not dissimilar in complexity or magnitude and Keith will be an incredible ally on that journey.“


“I’m delighted to be joining DSV as Chair of the Pharma Advisory Board. DSV brings a refreshing new approach to starting and growing early stage ventures that could address some of the most pressing health challenges of the age. After working in biotechnology innovation for most of my career, I hope that I can help accelerate the journey for our new DSV entrepreneurs,” said Keith.


Keith joins DSV after his planned retirement from  the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult where he was  CEO and built the organisation from the ground-up.  Prior to the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Keith  held various leadership  positions in public and private life science organisations.   Keith holds first and second degrees in Biological Sciences and Applied Genetics from Birmingham University along with an MBA from Edinburgh University.




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About Deep Science Ventures

Deep Science Ventures brings together teams of scientists to seize crucial opportunities and redefine industries. The company was founded to create a better method for launching science companies, one that takes a systems level view of the opportunity from day one. New companies are formed of highly technical founder-type scientists recruited to build “holy grail” ventures with the potential to redesign entire sectors.


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