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Lead for Data driven talent and knowledge discovery

Bringing the right people and the right knowledge together.

Location: Regular time each week in London but part remote and part-time could work.

The Role

Over the last 2 years we have built a proprietary talent identification platform that is able to largely automatically discover scientists across the world who have both the right technical and entrepreneurial mindset to join us on a particular mission. That’s no small order when these individuals occur roughly 1 in 1000 scientists in a given field. 


●  The lead for this area will be focused on expanding our talent identification system across different data sources, making it far more accurate in its ranking of potential founders, faster and shifting to a fully autonomous system.

●  You’ll work closely with our Associate Directors for each sector (e.g pharma, agri, energy, computing) to understand what makes up the kind of profile that we’re looking for and have the freedom to completely define how we go about optimising our approach. 

●  Knowledge, from market dynamics to the latest scientific research, is also key to our approach – often a paper from 2 weeks ago can make or break a concept -, over time we will look to explore how to accelerate the venture design process via direct integration of our data sources. 


The only outcome that matters is that we rapidly build amazing founding teams that make an impact. If you love the idea of identifying, finding and bringing together brilliant entrepreneurial scientists and continually optimising data driven processes then we’d love to talk. 


Who we’re after


●  Entrepreneurial, extremely self directed, with an interest in the sciences but not necessarily any formal grounding

●  Highly creative, critical first principles thinker – we will also provide further training around this.

●  Network-driven, i.e. you love meeting new people and learning about them – this is not a “hide the software guys in the corner” type role, it’s about embedding yourself in our day to day team building activities, learning and optimising identification from that.


Technical background in a relevant field:

●  Demonstrated product development of data driven solutions. Open to people straight out of university / bootcamp, we are prioritising the creative and critical thinking elements, and alignment with our mission over experience. 

●  Python, Pandas, Beautiful Soup

●  Basic asynchronous web interface development and experience interacting with APIs

●  An interest in machine learning and ability to apply basic models off the shelf to learn from the data and optimise the pipeline, but not expecting a PhD in ML.


What you’ll get

Salary up to £40k based on the level of experience and being part of an adventurous team that does not compromise on their mission to scale the impact of science.   



Email with a quick summary of where you’d like to see a scientific impact in the world and where you think you’d find the perfect kind of entrepreneurial scientists to make it happen.