Investing in our high-impact ventures

Collaborating with value-add investors to redefine industries

Maximising value and impact

We invest in the companies we create and recognise the value that other experienced investors can add to our portfolio companies.

We typically create ventures in underserved areas; that either lack the cross-disciplinary approach required to capitalise on the opportunity or face a shortage in technical founders and scientists with backgrounds in these spaces.

We’re helping to alleviate this shortage through venture creation. All our ventures go through our exhaustive methodology, with thoroughly de-risked technical approaches, strong founding teams, surrounded by knowledgeable ex-founders and advisors.

We partner with the most experienced companies and institutions and found companies with the best technical experts.

We actively seek value-add, supportive investors who can co-invest in our portfolio companies alongside us and who can contribute to the discussion in our venture creation efforts.

Investor testimonials

John Cassidy

Kindred Capital VC

The biggest challenges humanity faces today won’t be solved by individual actors working in silos. This is a philosophy Kindred Capital has baked into our Equitable Ventures model and one that we feel is shared by DSV. The DSV team have been a pleasure to work with and would make great partners to any corporate partner or aspiring founder looking to make a dent in the universe.

Mehdi Ghissassi

Head of Product Management at Google.

Xonai [a DSV company] is enabling the post Moore’s law rules of computing by enabling “software to eat hardware” while also driving significant cost savings for Cloud users. This innovative approach can open up a much more fluid future of advanced computation for all.
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