Forging New Pathways in Parkinson’s Therapeutics

Our alliance with Parkinson’s UK

In a landmark collaboration that marries scientific prowess with an unwavering dedication to improving patient lives, Deep Science Ventures (DSV), an avant-garde venture creator headquartered in London, has announced a pioneering partnership with Parkinson’s UK, the leading charity driving better care, treatments, and quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s.

A Groundbreaking Partnership for Parkinson's Therapeutics

This strategic alliance is set to merge DSV’s unique invention method with Parkinson’s UK’s rich insights into patient care, igniting the creation of a new, dedicated company. The aim is to propel the most innovative and efficient therapeutic approach into real-world application, funded by the transformative Parkinson's Virtual Biotech initiative - Parkinson’s UK investment arm. 

The Urgent Call for Innovation

With over 6 million individuals living with Parkinson’s today, and projections soaring to 12 million globally by 2040, the condition presents escalating challenges. Patients are battling a spectrum of symptoms that current treatments can barely temper - from dementia to insomnia, pain, tremors, involuntary muscle contractions, loss of speech and loss of mobility. Whilst current treatments offer some symptomatic respite, no therapies are able to alter disease progression. Fueled by an urgent need, this partnership heralds a beacon of hope for halting and reversing the course of Parkinson’s. 

Unleashing a Wave of Novel Therapies

With Parkinson’s UK wealth of experience in patient support and the scientific rigour of DSV’s outcome-focused innovation method, the alliance is set to unleash a multitude of new therapeutic concepts. Laura Fletcher of DSV articulates the shared enthusiasm, “Parkinson’s is an area with huge unmet patient need where we feel DSV’s approach has the potential for major impact. We are thrilled that Parkinson’s UK shares this ambitious vision and has joined us to drive the creation of new curative approaches”

Arthur Roach of Parkinson's Virtual Biotech adds, “This partnership stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of life-changing therapies.”

The Path Ahead

In its nascent phase, DSV and Parkinson’s UK will be jointly exploring and pinpointing the focal therapeutic area for venture creation. Subsequently, DSV will recruit a leading expert as Founder-in-Residence to spearhead the design of new therapeutic strategies and progress into creating a new start-up to take forward the most promising approach into proof-of-concept studies.

Deep Science Ventures and Parkinson’s UK are not just on the brink of innovation; they are defining it—driving towards a future where the promise of a better life for those with Parkinson’s is not just a hope, but a reality.