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Towards an optimal Agri sector: Restorative Cultivation

Full time, starting asap, remotely or London-based.

About DSV

Deep Science Ventures is creating a future in which both humans and the planet can thrive. 

We use our unique venture creation process to create, spin-out and invest into science companies, combining available scientific knowledge and founder-type scientists into high-impact ventures. 

We operate in 4 sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Agriculture and Computation, tackling the challenges defining those areas by taking a first principles approach and partnering with leading institutions.


About DSV – AGRI

DSV builds and coordinates consortia of sponsors, institutes, advisors, labs and investors to create innovative startups with tested team members, technologies, customers and investors.

Agricultural bioeconomies (economies and ecosystems) face unprecedented challenges which threaten both food security and the long-term use of the biological resources that sustain agricultural businesses. We’re designing and investing in a portfolio of science-driven, scalable ag-tech startups to deliver innovative technologies to profitably tackle food security and biodiversity issues.

You can read more about our Agriculture thesis here.


About the role

As we are rapidly expanding new venture building in the agri sector, we’re looking for an experienced business development professional with background in science to join our growing team as the Head of Business Development and Strategic Alliances.

You will be working in close partnership with the Associate Director for Agriculture and the rest of the exec team to build a consortia of partners (sponsors, investors, implementation and strategic partners) and grow the value of our agri portfolio. Your focus will be on identifying and bringing on board agriculture companies that meaningfully incorporate biodiversity conservation into their commercial fabric.

The role is very dynamic, fast-paced and focused on outcomes. We’re after someone who’d want to build and grow the company alongside the current team, making valuable contributions not only to the agri side of the business, but the organisation as a whole.


●  Build on the success of our existing innovation programme in agri in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the Roslin Institute funded by UK Research & Innovation; managing programme delivery, developing a strategy for future expansion and driving further collaboration.

●  Develop new large multi-million strategic partnerships with mission aligned corporates, domain expert institutes, leading R&D laboratories and forward thinking investors across areas such as crop genetics, livestock genetics, tropical pests and pesticides, soil health and fertiliser, blue economy and aquaculture, animal welfare and many more.

●  Working closely with our founding teams in agri both pre and post incorporation to help drive business strategy and strategic partnerships, and help hit their fundraising targets.


About you

The role requires sufficient breadth and depth of insight across agri related fields both in terms of the science and industry dynamics. Most recent career focus should be on strategic/commercial/business development roles, demonstrating aptitude for value creation and getting deals done. First-hand scientific research experience is ideal, while actual experience working across the food system e.g. growing, harvesting, processing etc. is a must.

We’re looking for:

●  Background in business development and/or commercial strategy and fundraising in the agri space with intimate knowledge of industry-specific macro and micro dynamics;

●  Good knowledge of state of play in regenerative agriculture, blue economy and/or agri decarbonisation.

●  Intimate understanding of the early-stage commercialisation process acquired through previous exposure to the startup/VC/CVC/TTO etc. environment;

●  Demonstrable interest in biotech / science / R&D / innovation and commercialisation or policy; advancing new ideas and concepts; enjoying highly entrepreneurial work environment;

●  Network-driven, enjoys supporting and guiding others through collaborative teamwork.


More than anything we’re looking for you to bring a vision of how you would drive the development of the sector, the current constraints and how to overcome them, an eye for opportunity and the founder type mindset to bring together the right people to make it happen. 


What you’ll get

●  Equity and business development incentivisation;

●  Flexible work hours and generous holiday allowance;

●  Option to work either in Central London from high spec offices, or remotely with allowances for office equipment, co-working and travel to London;

●  Opportunity to spend time in person with the team regularly with quarterly off-sites;

●  Opportunity to co-found and lead ‘spin-off’ business units of DSV;

●  Access to advisors as part of a carefully-curated sector advisory council, made up of exited sector entrepreneurs, world-experts, leading investors and industry figureheads.

Remi: Postdoctoral level molecular biologist experienced in the genetic basis of disease resistance in aquaculture species. Pioneered genome editing in model fish species, and formerly worked on fish farms. Working on improvements finfish and shellfish aquaculture sustainability and yields.

AnaPostdoctoral gene therapy, genome editing and biotechnology expert, and national and international research awardee in Animal Science on animal stem cell transplantation. Working on reshaping pollination systems by adapting cutting edge reproductive techniques, that she pioneered in vertebrates, to pollinating insect species.

DanielBioengineer experienced with agricultural technologies, machine learning and a beekeeper. Daniel is an award-winning entrepreneur who has raised ~$240,000 from awards and grants for commercial projects in Chile. Working on identifying means to successfully pollinate crops that cannot be easily targeted with honeybees. 

Toby: PhD-level plant biotechnologist experienced in genetic engineering, disease resistance and bioinformatics. Formerly worked at the Millenium Seed Bank at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens. Working on reducing pressure on forests by applying proven indoor  environmental technologies in new habitats or systems.

David: Plant scientist and mycologist, working on monitoring and utilising mycorrhizal fungi to enhance ecosystem development and increase the amount of atmospheric carbon that forest ecosystems can sequester.

Miguel: MBA + PhD-level entomologist, working on the technical aspects of the fly domestication and field performance to help growers by increasing their yields.




For further info and to discuss the role, please submit an expression of interest.