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Building ventures that accelerate the net-zero carbon transition.

Full time, starting asap, remote or London-based.

About Deep Science Ventures

Deep Science Ventures (DSV) is a venture creator, combining available scientific knowledge and founder-type scientists into high-impact ventures, to build a future where both humans and the planet thrive.

DSV operates in 4 sectors: Agriculture, Climate (Energy), Pharmaceuticals and Computation, tackling the challenges defining those areas by taking a first-principles approach and partnering with leading institutions.

In the Climate team we are focusing on driving and accelerating the net-zero carbon transition. We think it is key to deliver innovations in carbon mitigation as well as carbon removal technologies to achieve maximal impact in solving climate change. In investigating carbon mitigation technologies, it will be essential to identify routes by which we can decarbonise heating, avoid material breakdown to CO2 or propose novel materials that can replace carbon intensive matter. Equally maximising CO2 drawdown capacity of biotic, abiotic and artificial strategies and proposing new ways of how CO2 can be stored or utilised are in the centre of our attention. On our path to achieve these outcomes we need to solve numerous constraints related to planet-positive investing, material development, process design and automation.
You can read more about our thesis here.


About the role

As an Associate you will work in close partnership with the Associate Director for the sector, our current or future Climate sector Founders and other Associates, focusing on systemic analysis or “scoping”, as we call it, of opportunity areas (OAs) for new venture development, identifying the sort of technologies and ventures that should exist but don’t.

While your main focus will be on opportunity analysis, you’ll be involved across all core functions of venture development, including recruitment and team building, business development, fundraising and portfolio management to quickly develop a broad understanding of the scope of all activities within the business.



● Research and identify new OAs for building ventures that tackle climate change and the net-zero carbon transition;
● Recruit a team of multidisciplinary founder-type scientists and work together on venture creation;
● Drive the venture creation process from idea generation to pre-seed and seed investments;
● Support fundraising and business development efforts for the sector.


About you


● Deep technical understanding of chemistry, ideally also chemical engineering and materials science (e.g. metals) with ±2 years industrial / process scale-up experience;

● Demonstrated interest in negative emissions technologies, critical materials, carbon neutral or negative fuels, heating technologies and/or novel mining and refining techniques;
● PhD in any of (or similar): chemistry, materials chemistry, inorganic chemistry;
● Demonstrated interest in applied science and early stage commercialisation is a plus, ideally with <2 years experience working in startups/VC and/or Analyst type roles or in product development;
● Demonstrated level of achievement, taking own initiative and delivering outcome-oriented projects from start to finish. You make things happen.



A mix of DSV core team and our Founders at the Climate-focused social we organised in December 2021.




For further info and to discuss the role, please submit an application via this link here.