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Bringing together founder-type scientists and engineers to tackle the human, societal and planetary challenges faced today.

Full time starting asap, remotely or London-based


At DSV we believe that traditional methods of scientific tech-push are inefficient for solving the human, societal and planetary challenges faced today.

We’re creating high-impact ventures by combining available scientific knowledge and highly-technical founder-type scientists, taking a systems-level view of opportunities and partnering with a wide variety of institutions.

DSV has built and invested in 30+ ventures across pharma, healthcare, energy and other sectors with over £130m of value created in just 3.5 years. 100% of DSV’s recently launched ventures have gone on to raise further funding within 12 months.


About the role

You’ll be primarily working on and responsible for DSV’s one of the three most important assets – Talent (the other two are Knowledge and Capital), giving you an enormous opportunity for immediate impact on our business.

We recruit and work with some of the most brilliant, devoted and impact-driven people you’ll ever meet, working on challenges that threaten our existence on this planet – from chronic and often terminal diseases like cancer to destructive agricultural and energy production practices that accelerate climate change, and loss of biodiversity.

You’ll be on a mission to find and bring together the right people and build teams that have the necessary technical skills and expertise to tackle outcomes that we’re after in each of our opportunity areas (and by the way, we’re looking to launch 6 additional areas by the end of the year!).

This role offers a steep and continued learning curve, as well as long terms incentives and development for anyone with keen interest in entrepreneurship and, more importantly, entrepreneurs themselves. You’ll become very skilled in selecting for entrepreneurial traits, building successful founding teams and the inherent people management skills that go with it.

While your main focus will be on talent discovery, recruitment process and systems optimisation, you’ll be encouraged and supported to expand into other areas depending on your capabilities and interests. From designing user interfaces and driving customer development of our internal software products to planning and running major events, managing community growth and more.

You’ll also get exposure to DSV’s core business functions like venture architecture, business development, business strategy, fundraising and portfolio management.



● Identifying and attracting technical experts across our current and future opportunity areas (currently for curing cystic fibrosis, extending healthy lifespan, reinventing catastrophe modelling, closing the carbon cycle and making investing climate-intelligent), and managing the talent pipeline;

● Building upon our tools, resources and systems to optimise and scale DSV’s talent management capability from 10s to 100s and 1000s per year, including improving the UI/UX capabilities of our in-house software products and testing the agility of our frameworks;

● Community management, including designing and executing on a strategy to grow and add value to our existing community of Founders, Advisors and Partners (e.g. through a series of events, building our own podcast series, etc.);

● And support the Associate Director for Talent across a number of other areas (e.g. training and development, building more diverse teams, expanding our geographic reach etc.).


About you

This role is best suited for someone who is highly empathetic, communicative and persistent. You should be fascinated by the fields of science and technology, entrepreneurship and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur (in STEM), and you are most certainly primarily driven by the desire to make a huge positive impact in the world.

Additionally, we’re after someone who has:

● Background in science and/or demonstrated interest in translational research or research translation / applied science / science commercialisation / biotech, cleantech or healthtech entrepreneurship or similar; and

● Experience in building teams or managing programs or projects involving a number of stakeholders, or managing a community.

Additional skills and expertise that would be highly valued (but not a must) are:

● UX/UI design experience, software engineering, platform product development

● Data science, statistics, AI/ML

● Events and project management


In addition to the above, you’ll most definitely be a really good fit if most if not all of our cultural values resonate with you:


Holy grails only. We build the ideal, the holy grail, the paragon: we do not compromise, we suspend disbelief, impossible is often just a phase.


Suspend disbelief. It does not need to be an idea yet. An interesting problem is better than an interesting idea. Stretch the limits of plausibility. Steal relentlessly from other fields, from other sectors, from other people, from other centuries. Be vivid, audacious, convergent.


We abandon means in pursuit of outcomes: never the other way around. We care about end goals, about how quickly it can grow, about how much more it can change.


We should do better. Diagnosis is tolerated, excuses are not. We compete with ourselves. We are not swimming in the sea of fate. The majority of factors fall within an internal locus of control.


Culture of honest appraisal, failure acknowledged outright, receive criticism thoughtfully and creatively. Animated disagreement is sometimes how people come to understand complex subjects.


Get going. Commit to the deadline, we can get it done in time. Proactive. Nature abhors a dependency, don’t paralyze: parallelize.


The personal is professional: entrepreneurship is all-consuming. Caring and empathetic. We do not outsource wellbeing to HR: it is everyone’s responsibility.


We bring people with us. Magnetise. Create critical mass. Get to the emotional core. Find the leverage, the credibility.


We pride ourselves on our ability to see through accepted belief to root causes, to think in first principles, to learn when we do not know the answer. We tackle complexity and uncertainty head-on. We apply every lens available to us. We believe it can be quantified, assessed, judged.


What we offer

Competitive salary, personal development roadmap and deep-dive progress reviews, generous holiday allowance (+ additional 2 week shutdown over Christmas and NYs), flexibility to work from home or a shared workspace (we like WeWork, but you can choose a space that best suits your location), team trips and events (mindful of any COVID restrictions, of course) and a chance to work with some of the most ambitious projects and people out there!



We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.