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Associate Director for Energy

Building “optimised ventures” to accelerate the net-zero carbon transition.

Full time, London (Monument), starting asap

The Role

We’re looking for someone to take on leadership of all of DSV’s work in the Energy sector globally. You will be responsible for everything from deciding which opportunity areas we pursue and which partners we bring on board, to selecting founders and directing ventures based on your vision for what the sector should look like in 5-10 years. You will also have the opportunity to work with mature seed stage companies that are already in our portfolio.

Key metrics:

●  Number and quality of ventures launched per year (we aim for at least six)

●  Number and quality of partnerships and funding brought to those ventures


Who we’re after

The role requires sufficient breadth and depth of insight across energy related fields both in terms of the science and industry dynamics. First-hand startup experience is ideal (either as a founder or part of an early team at a startup), although we’re open to other evidence that demonstrates opportunity-driven mindset, ambition and other founder-type characteristics.

Ideally you’ll have:

●  Background in engineering science or similar disciplines (e.g. PDEng, MIChemE, MSc or PhD in physics, nuclear engineering, biophysics, etc.) or demonstrated experience working with and progressing projects in complex technical subjects 

●  Experience of working in a startup environment with focus on commercial outcomes

●  Industry insight having worked with leading energy companies or spent time analysing/evaluating the sector


What you’ll get

You will be in charge of all of DSV’s work in Energy, our second most mature sector, with funding, case studies, a budding reputation and a partnership with the UK’s leading energy Technology Centre to build on. You will be advised by a bespoke Energy Advisory Council, made up of entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors, to help you grow into the role and become a key opinion leader in your own right. You will have the freedom to re-envision the sector: whether that’s to take on the oil majors by generating cheap, plentiful clean energy, or the utilities by building renewable, decentralised heat and electricity supplies, or to build entirely new markets at the intersection with the Food, Agriculture, Space or Maritime industries, with the opportunity to expound this vision at conferences, on panels and in thought leadership pieces. All Associate Directors are intended to become full Directors at DSV, and we will support your personal development accordingly. 

You’ll be part of an adventurous team that does not compromise on their mission to scale the impact of science + base salary, equity and business development incentives, reporting directly to DSV’s Founding Directors. 



For further info and to discuss the role, email your LinkedIn profile or CV to Santa Astratova via​ ​