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Associate Director for Computation

Building “optimised ventures” to accelerate the next generation computation.

Full time, starting asap, remotely (until further notice)

About the role

Unlike many of the other fields we work in, Computing doesn’t suffer from a lack of innovation or capital, however it does still suffer from the lock-step local optima problem. That is, in many cases we’ve ended up with sub-optimal solutions due to the nature of the relationship between the origin of new capabilities in research and the commercial race to squeeze every last drop of functionality out the resulting product even where it may not be the best solution. This is evident in multiple areas from the discrete nature of quantum computation applied to what is of course a continuous system, to the inability of machine learning in vehicles to discriminate between a cloud and a truck and an array of white pixels are comparable without any deeper understanding. 


What you’ll be doing and what you get

You will be responsible for everything from deciding which opportunity areas we pursue and which partners we bring on board, to selecting founders and directing ventures based on your vision for what the sector should look like in 5-10 years. You will also have the opportunity to work with mature seed stage companies that are already in our portfolio. 

As with other sectors we are already building out key partnerships that provide testbeds, rapid prototyping, specific investment and growth experience and academic partners, whilst carefully avoiding getting caught up in the status quo.  

You’ll be part of an adventurous team that does not compromise on their mission to scale the impact of science + base salary, equity and business development incentives, reporting directly to DSV’s Founding Directors. All Associate Directors are intended to become full Directors at DSV, and we will support your personal development accordingly. 


About you

You as a person

●  Likely to already have some vision and opinions about computation broadly;

●  Enjoy rapidly analysing a space and deep-diving where necessary;

●  Can’t wait to get in touch with new people, learn and manage a wide, rapidly growing network;

●  Enjoy helping others to bring things to life and are flexible enough to be designing a high level proposal one day, discussing technical approaches the next;

●  Both creative and rigorous in your approaches.



You’re likely to have deep product, technical or research experience in 1-2 of the areas below and high level, conversational knowledge across 3-4 areas:

●  In-memory and near memory compute and large scale data processing (deep in the detail of products like Hadoop/NoSQL/NewSQL, Spark etc.);

●  Heterogeneous and high performance cloud management, optimisation and virtualisation;

●  Network infrastructure management and optimisation;

●  Cyber security particularly around next-gen ML approaches to SOAR, threat intelligence, hardware vulnerabilities and polymorphic malware in the cloud, communication networks and at the edge; 

●  Distributed computing and layer 2 crypto beyond finance;

●  Task automation, no-code and code generation / optimisation approaches in both software products and real world robotics;

●  Neural network architecture development, particularly in the context of moving beyond pattern matching and building a deeper understanding of the world across applications from work automation and scientific innovation to mobility. 



●  Several years as a senior software engineer or product role in a fast moving venture backed company (ideally multiple across the different areas above) or a broader or research background with a bit less product experience but ability to demonstrate a customer focused mindset;

●  Experience in one of the big players (MS, Google, Oracle, SalesForce) etc. would be useful but not essential;

●  Experience in VC as an EIR or investment analyst / lead is preferable but not essential;

●  Experience in business development in the computation industry also a bonus but not essential.



About us

We work across sectors from oncology to energy storage across the stack from cutting edge technology to partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and have built nearly 30 companies over the last few years. 

You’ll be part of a small adventurous team though with huge growth ambitions, driven by the desire to make a massive positive impact on the world.

We offer an equity stake in the company along with hefty business development incentives and base salary.


For further info and to discuss the role, please submit an expression of interest.