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Track Manager: Energy

The role is simple: Building world leading science driven ventures.


Particulars: Full-time, ideally London-based, remuneration on enquiry and dependent on experience


What you will do: lead DSV’s venture creation activity for Energy. Your primary output will be at least 6 world-leading science companies per year, though you will by no means work alone to achieve this! Your day-to-day will involve bringing together gifted scientists and engineers with advisors and corporate partners to inspire and drive forward innovative, convergent, commercially opportunistic science.


What you will gain: There are few jobs which allow such a hands-on experience of the complete venture creation process. We take a first principles approach to reinvent tough, high value sectors. This represents an opportunity to develop knowledge, network and experience at the cutting edge of innovation in a sector that you are exceptionally passionate about. The role is intellectually challenging, highly creative, and exceptionally people-focused. Moreover, we are really just at the beginning of DSV’s journey: you will be joining a grass-roots, fast-growing, hierarchically flat organisation that is constantly evolving.



  1. opportunity identification and ideation (supported by expert advisors, managing a team of entrepreneurial subject matter experts)
  2. recruitment and team formation (supported by Head of Talent, managing a team of entrepreneurial subject matter experts)
  3. venture de-risking and venture acceleration (supported by Head of Funding and expert advisors)
  4. consortium creation and management (working directly with DSV’s Directors to shape and drive relationships with funders, advisors and corporate partners)


  1. OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION AND IDEATION: Unearthing opportunities and being the go-to person for our thesis in Energy
  • Working with and managing a team of subject matter experts to identify broad areas of opportunity for new ventures
  • Manage the process of idea generation ensuring teams think “big enough”
  • Responsible for becoming an expert on the Energy sector, keeping track of what we learn about new business models, technologies and approaches
  1. RECRUITMENT AND TEAM FORMATION: working with the most gifted, entrepreneurial scientists in the world to form unique, highly specialist founding teams
  • Working closely with our resident subject matters to identify skills requirements, interview and onboard new potential founders
  • Travelling to conferences and events and leading on our own events to ensure exposure to best potential founders
  • Organising the day-to-day process of team formation and role development for each company, ensuring that each company has the best people in the world for the thing they’re building
  • Working as part of small team of track managers to continue developing our programme and internal content
  1. VENTURE DE-RISKING AND VENTURE ACCELERATION: coordinating break-neck commercial and technical development to de-risk brand new companies
  • Ensuring that early stage teams move rapidly through the market testing process through weekly team check-ins and
  • Supporting teams to prototype a technical narrative and to develop razor sharp R&D strategies
  1. CONSORTIUM CREATION AND MANAGEMENT: be the main point of contact for our industry-leading group of renowned experts, pushing them to rethink their sector from a convergent scientific, startup perspective
  • DSV consortia are independent entities for the development of best practice in venturing for a particular sector, chaired by an external figure, but co-ordinated by DSV
  • Track managers are responsible for coordinating workshops, summits and meetings for your track consortium, concentrating the most interesting contrarian thinkers, best investors and deepest commercial expertise into one room on a quarterly basis
  • Working closely with corporate innovation, corporate venture capital and corporate R&D teams to deliver significant industry partnerships where interests align
  • Coordinating meetings between consortium members and founding analysts to instil critical experience into founding teams


Role requirements: Must have

Technical background
in a relevant field up to at least MSc / MEng:

  • Chemistry / Chemical Engineering / Biochemistry
  • Energy networks / Civil Engineering / Energy infrastructure
  • Materials Science / Nanotechnology
  • Mechanical / Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • Geophysics / Earth Sciences
  • Nuclear Physics / Quantum Physics

Experience in:

  • market and technical research
  • project initiation and management
  • community creation and growth
  • managing senior stakeholders


  • entrepreneurial
  • highly creative
  • critical thinking and deep analysis
  • network-driven


Nice to have

Commercial experience in this sector or with closely aligned technologies:

  • Energy related startup, venture capital, corporate innovation
  • Power generation (Oil and Gas, Renewables)
  • Energy utilities (Energy supply and services, Infrastructure, CCS)
  • Energy storage (Batteries, Battery materials)
  • Heavy industry (Resource exploration, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Plant engineering, Recycling, Agriculture)

Experience in:

  • startup founder, venture capital, corporate innovation
  • brainstorming
  • recruiting
  • event-management



Dom Falcao via with your CV attached.