Deep Science Ventures has partnered with Hello Tomorrow on an ambitious journey to unite entrepreneurially driven STEM talent around the world. Our purpose is to connect and support individuals that together have the potential to solve urgent, unmet needs faced by the world today. We want to help make change and create impact through science-driven venture creation.
1. Sign up until June 30th
& Receive a detailed problem definition brief for the challenge of your choice
We've dug deep into each of the six challenges to highlight some of the biggest technical hurdles that need to be overcome in order to advance meaningful change and shape future industries.
2. Connect with other challenge participants
& Find someone awesome to solve the challenge together
DSV has the right platform and tools to facilitate remote team formation, collaboration and progression. You'll have a month to connect with other participants, exchange ideas and submit a brief proposal (no more than 1,000 words) on how you propose to solve the challenge that you have chosen.

Only registered and eligible candidates get access to the platform.
3. Submit your team's proposal
The most promising project ideas will be taken through an online acceleration phase to help preparing teams for The Summit.

The Deep Science Ventures team of commercial experts, partners and network of key opinion leaders will help validating feasibility of ideas, assessing strength of your team and, most importantly, making it a fun and rewarding journey!
The Summit
The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is an invite-only event and gathers the largest group of deep-tech innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and organisations.

Out of thousands of entrepreneurs who apply to get on stage at the Summit only a few get the chance. The Frontier can make it happen for you.
If you and your team decide to start a business, DSV has £500k in available funding to help get your new venture off the ground.
Feel free to write and call us to clarify any information related to The Frontier.
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