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Phenotype Developer at Beta Bugs

Start date 8th of October 2018

About Beta Bugs

We are creating high performance insect breeds for the rapidly growing “insects as protein” sector, which we do by combining biotech and breeding approaches from both plant and livestock sectors.

Our first target is to create better, more productive breeds of Black Soldier Fly for the growing “insects as feed industry”. These breeds will be distributed globally to insect farms, who will use them to convert waste streams into an insect protein, which will be included in livestock and aquaculture feed.

Since incorporating last year we have won Innovate UK funding to develop first traits and have also been awarded funding in the form of an Entrepreneurial Fellowship from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, allowing us to link up with the Roslin Institute and Innovation Centre, the UK’s centre of excellence in animal breeding and animal health.


What you will be doing

You will be building a platform for characterizing different breeds of Black Soldier Fly that we create and source. We have started developing infrastructure for part of this platform, but what you will build will be at the heart of Beta Bugs’ operations and a gamechanger for this industry.

Your responsibilities will include platform development, data collection and analysis – both by yourself and with the assistance of an advisory board comprised of leading industry and academic experts that we have already assembled, and which we will build further around you. You will also be responsible for colony growth and maintenance on a day-to-day basis with help from the other team members. Beta Bugs is set for high growth – so you can expect the role to develop alongside it as well.


What We are looking for

–  A strong background in engineering/computer science- revolving around sensors, computer vision and mechatronics/electronics. You would have applied their knowledge to the agricultural sector or a parallel industry;AND/OR

–  A strong background in entomology and/or animal breeding. You would have been involved in developing hardware solutions for phenotyping or similar processes.

In either instance your experience would preferably be within the livestock and breeding, or beneficial insect sectors. A graduate degree in the respective field is preferable, but we are open to anyone with strong relevant vocational experience and who has designed, built and implemented solutions like ours. You’ll also need to be able to find creative solutions to new problems that have never been posed before.

Start-up life can be fun, but it’s also intense and challenging at times, so you have to be ready to pullyour weight when it comes to overcoming common challenges. As part of this, we require you to be a strong communicator who can take the lead and also is a completer-finisher.


Other points

We are currently based at Rothamsted Centre for Research & Enterprise just outside London, but we will be re-locating in early 2019 to Easter Bush Campus, Edinburgh, Scotland. We are ideally looking for a candidate who is able to relocate and grow with us.Depending on experience, salary is initially £18-20k, with equity/options in the company also available. This is a full-time post, but we are happy to discuss other arrangements such as job sharing or flexible working for the right candidate.



To apply, get in touch by sending a CV and covering letter to by 30th of September 2018.