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Deep Science Ventures opportunity series
A fireside chat with Aron Rachamim, CEO of Orphidia.
Orphidia are the UK's version of Theranos that actually works! The Founders are alumni of UCL and Cambridge and are now transforming the world of medical diagnostics by creating tests that require only a single drop of blood.

Join us for a fireside* chat with Aron to explore how it works and uncover other opportunities in personalised healthcare.

This event will be a little different to normal, we're keeping things to 10-15 external participants and hosting in our office (no mic required) to keep the conversation lively. The aim is to help you to find hidden opportunities and new people to work with to make an impact in personalised healthcare.

* fire not included. ;)
23rd Feb at 6pm, EC1V 3AR, London
Aron Rachamim
Orphidia, CEO

A serial entrepreneur, scientist, and experienced leader, Aron aims to apply pioneering technologies to improve people's quality of life. His expertise and passion for the science of microfluidics builds on his background in life sciences, physics, and engineering. His company Orphidia is set to transform the world of medical diagnostics using a single drop of blood to perform multiple tests.

Join us on the 23rd Feb.
If you're interested in creating an impact in this space we would love you to join us.

It's free to join but we limit the events to 30 external spaces as it's all about engagement and quality introductions. We'll send you a confirmation email couple of days before.
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