Unlocking Nutrition as Medicine
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The Project

Autoimmune diseases affect a big portion of the population. Currently underdiagnosed with inefficient therapies, autoimmune diseases reduce optimal health and wellbeing.

Food can shape our microbiota to a greater extent than our own genes, therefore personalised nutrition is a great tool to support a healthy microbial ecosystem and in turn your immune system. But how do we know what foods are right for us?

This project's vision is to unlock the power of microbiota in nutritional therapy to substantially improve autoimmune symptoms.

The Team

Between the two founders they have over nine years of experience in next generation sequencing on microbiota, machine learning and bioinformatics. Both have suffered severe symptoms caused by diabetes and autoimmune disorders, and are extremely compelled to improve the lives of millions affected by rare genetic diseases.

Biotechnology and Machine Learning Expert
Next Generation Sequencing Expert

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