Who joins DSV?
STEM Graduates
About to graduate and not sure what to do next? Academia is designed to reward publications, whilst in industry, efficiency comes at the cost of structures. At DSV you can really practice your knowledge and brainstorm ideas with like minded people.
Industry Professionals
Have a background in STEM, interest in business and appetite for real challenges? DSV is the perfect opportunity to get back into science, establish new connections and work towards creating meaningful impact.

Academic Professionals
Are you an academic expert looking to have more tangible outcomes and move faster? Why not have a go at starting your own startup and learning more about the commercialisation processes. DSV does not take any ownership of IP.
Already familiar with building your own business? It's hard. You need the right team, industry insight and capital to have a real chance at succeeding. DSV has all the necessary ingredients to support building your next venture successfully.
Not ready to take the leap without first getting to the point at which the company can raise money?
Applications Process
5 minutes
5 minutes
Register interest
You can now apply to join DSV Gamma in January 2018 or DSV Delta in July 2018.
It's a selective process and we accept less than 10% of applicants. The sooner you apply the more likely it is that you secure a spot.
Meet other DSV "Proto Founders"
You will receive a link to join the DSV "Proto Founder"
platform, a group of applicants who hit our eligibility
requirements. Proto Founders get a chance to meet other people who
want to join DSV, with the option to run a joint sprint
15 minutes
15 minutes
Initial call
Once you've joined, we'll give you a quick call to guide you
through the final phase of the application process. This is
the "sprint".
2 weeks
2 weeks
The Sprint
A sprint is a mini-project you work on part-time. (5-10 hours per week) for 2 weeks. The aim is to show what you can achieve in a time-delimited and self-directed project. You will map an opportunity area or challenge, interview stakeholders and generate several solutions. Using a special Dashboard and our "slack community", you can either connect with other Proto Founders or sprint alone – it's up to you!
Submit a project before the deadline and we'll
assess and get back to you with an invitation for a final interview.
1 hour
1 hour
Final interview
Final interview with both directors of Deep Science Ventures.
Presentation of your sprint (5-10 minutes), presentation of any past projects or work you would like to talk about. And then competency based questions.
We will usually get back to you within 3 working days.

Our application process is unique. You can start collaborating with DSV community members even before starting the programme.

DSV Programme Timeline

DSV Alpha
DSV Beta

Registrations are now closed.
DSV Gamma
September 30th - Registration deadline
November 13th - Offer acceptance deadline
November 17th - Launch day
January 8th - Start date
DSV Delta
March - Registration deadline
May - Offer acceptance deadline
May - Launch day
July - Start date
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