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We look for world leading scientific and engineering expertise in combination with key founder characteristics: in particular enormous passion to solve major challenges, the ability to make things happen even when really tough and the creative mindset to think differently.

We build out the team as we go (not waiting until the deadline) around common areas of passion and skill and introduce you to each other now to start thinking, as such there is considerable advantage in applying early.

Apply for July 2017 (Deadline passed but will consider exceptional applications)
Apply for Jan 2018
Join as a Founder

Start dates January and July

How it works

You will join the DSV team for 3 months on an internship wage whilst meeting potential co-founders, brainstorming with in-house and external industry experts and exploring the commercial and technical viability of initial ideas.

If after 3 months you have found the right co-founder(s) and identified an exciting and viable project we invest £30,000 in to a new company and continue to support your growth over the next year.

If you don't find the right idea you may re-do the programme, join other teams, join our industry partners or move back in to academia with far greater insight.

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Who joins as founders?
The majority of our Founders are post-grad scientists from across diverse domains, from medicinal chemistry to computing. The magic comes at the interface. Founders are driven either by a desire to see technology applied or to make a change in the world.

Join part time
as an Exec Fellow.
Exec Fellows are senior industry and academic experts who wish to transition to starting a new venture but cannot take the leap without first getting to the point at which they can raise funding. You must be able to participate, in person, at least 1 day per week.

Apply as an Exec Fellow here (popup)
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