Where scientists and engineers come together to build ventures that matter.
Join a 6-month fully funded venture building journey with like minded people looking to change the world.
Why start a venture as a scientist?
A small, passionate and technically brilliant team is often a faster route to impact than industry or academia.
Academia is designed to build new knowledge and publications, whilst in industry, efficiency comes at the cost of structures and processes inimical to rapid change. If you really want to apply your knowledge and rapidly build things that change the world, a small incredibly passionate team can do more in a few months with limted resources than a major company or charity can do in years.
What do we provide?
The people, funding, insight and network to find traction within months, not years.
An environment filled with people as passionate about starting a science company as you. We interview and test hundreds of scientists and entrepreneurs to bring together a group with overlapping interests and complimentary skills. We fund you to find opportunities and explore them under the guidance of our Venture Partners until you find the right fit, at which point we offer an investment. Most importantly we help you through the things that are uniquely hard in science, from finding relevant investors to working with university IP and facilities.

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Who will I be working with?
You'll be working with a unique multidisciplinary group of top scientists and commercial experts.
We take around 30-40 Founders at a time, 90% with at least a PhD, with expertise ranging from biochemistry and plastic electronics to computational modelling. Diversity is key, and enables entirely new perspectives and paradigms to emerge.

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What is DSV?
Built out of years of experience at one of the UKs top universities.
The DSV team ran Imperial College's technology accelerator and pre-acceleration activities for 5 years. We've worked with hundreds of high-tech ventures, from biotech to materials and exited companies to both Facebook and Google. However, we became frustrated with the lack of options for impact-driven scientists to find the right team, discover meaningful and viable opportunities and cut through everything to make it happen. So we started DSV to solve that.

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How to Apply
Join the team from July.
We have two start dates per year: January and July. We accept around 10% of applicants and build teams around great people as we go, creating groups with overlapping interests and complimentary skills and ensuring that plenty of people will be passionate about the same things that you are. Come along to events to explore ideas and meet potential co-founders.

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