Where scientists and engineers come together to build ventures that matter.
We support early career scientists and engineers to build companies from scratch at the interface of science and engineering.
The term "fog" is distinguished from the more generic term "cloud" in that fog is low-lying, and the moisture in the fog is often generated locally.
Join some of the most ambitious scientists and engineers in Europe to discover opportunities and build high-impact science driven companies.
Join the 6 month programme as a Founder
Find like-minded scientists and discover opportunities, all whilst fully funded, with the potential for an investment after 3 months.

Start dates January and June

How it works
DSV is a 6 month London based programme; the first 3 months are spent working out who you enjoy working with, testing out initial ideas and seeing what makes commercial and technical sense.

What you get
During the first 3 months you are paid a small stipend to help you survive in London. If at 3 months you have a team and idea that could be viable we make a £30k investment to help you get you to seed stage.

What we look for
We select for near-unique technical skill alongside the behavioural characteristics of successful founders, from the creativity to join the dots to the motivation to make impossible things happen.

Apply to be a Founder
Who joins as founders?
The majority of our Founders are post-grad scientists from across diverse domains, from medicinal chemistry to computing. The magic comes at the interface. Founders are driven either by a desire to see technology applied or to make a change in the world.
Make things happen. It's about creating the time and opportunity to see how scientific expertise can be applied to enormous opportunities.

Join as an
Exec Fellow.
Not everyone is in a position where they can join full time, but many can still add a lot of value to an early stage team and potentially join at a later stage. Our mission is to bridge this gap, to create big-thinking high-tech ventures that also really understand how the world works and have the network to move things forwards.
Exec Fellows

Join throughout the year

How it works
You will spend at least 1 day per week with teams and agree this with your employer if relevant (we can help). You spend this time with Founders and other Fellows working up ideas and providing technical and commercial guidance.

What you get
You get to drive the development of some of the most novel high-tech ventures in Europe as part of the team or to take the learning back to your employer.

What we look for
Outstanding commercial or technical expertise with the mindset to help teams make things happen within your industry.

Apply to be an Exec Fellow
Who joins as Exec Fellows?
An incredibly diverse group of people from mid-career researchers to consultants and senior industry execs.
Join the wider community.
Get to know other impact driven scientists across domains, be the first to hear about opportunities and join us at events. Find out more here or join below.
Deep Science Ventures community
Join the community.
DSV is much more than just the full time cohort, it's a wide network of technical and commercial experts passionate about making a change in the world. We regularly get together around both application and technology interest groups. Leave your email and we'll let you know about the next events.
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