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Founding Analyst: Immunology

The role is simple: Identify the best possible opportunities for starting new biotech ventures, including your own.


Disclaimer: This role is not like anything you’ve ever seen before. At DSV we are redefining how science-driven ventures and built and scaled.


Particulars: Full-time Founding Analyst role at £22.5K for at least 6 months (open ended) with an opportunity to start your own company (a spinout) with pre-seed/seed investment of £150K from DSV. London-based (remote possible).


What you will do: Lead DSV’s venture creation activity for immunology (with an initial focus on immuno-oncology therapies). Your primary output will be at least 3 venture-backable opportunities/projects though you will by no means work alone to achieve this! Your day-to-day will involve bringing together gifted scientists and engineers to inspire drive forward innovative, convergent, commercially opportunistic science. More detail below.


What you will gain: We take a first principles approach to reinvent tough, high value sectors. This represents an opportunity to develop knowledge, network and experience at the cutting edge of innovation in a sector that you are exceptionally passionate about. The role is intellectually challenging, highly creative, and exceptionally purposeful.



1. Opportunity identification and ideation (specific to energy immunology-oncology therapies supported by Track Manager)

2. Recruitment and team formation (supported by Head of Talent)

3. Venture de-risking and venture acceleration (supported by Head of Funding and Venture Partners)

4. Company formation (if you choose to join one of the ventures as a Co-founder)


1. OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION AND IDEATION: accomplish deep commercial scoping to understand the most exciting opportunities and assess feasibility

  • Characterising challenges and opportunities in the area of energy movement e.g.: Which cancers could be tackled by immunotherapy but currently are not? How can we create new pharmaceutical platforms to efficiently discover novel immunotherapies? Etc.
  • Develop and articulate deep understanding of status-quo and state of the art, what hasn’t worked and what might work. Identify potential areas of cross-over with other opportunities and sciences to take advantage of having a broader view than most.
  • Generate several novel starting points in line with possible solution space.


2. RECRUITMENT AND TEAM FORMATION: work with the most gifted, entrepreneurial scientists in the world to form unique, highly specialist founding teams

  • Work with Head of Talent to bring in both junior and senior talent in order to map out ideas and demonstrate traction with potential customers.
  • Generate three plausible venture opportunities for investment.


3. VENTURE DE-RISKING AND ACCELERATION: coordinating commercial and technical development to de-risk brand new companies

  • Move rapidly through the market testing process through weekly team catch ups with Head of Funding and Venture Partners.
  • Gather evidence of clear market need/demand (traction).
  • Engaging technical experts (academic advisors) to support/guide tech development.



Technical background in a relevant field up to MSc / Meng / PhD in Immunology / Biochemistry / Pharmacology / Biology with the relevant experience in Immunology.

Experience in:

  • market and technical research
  • project initiation and team management
  • development of complex/technically challenging products


  • entrepreneurial
  • highly creative
  • critical thinking and deep analysis
  • network-driven



Commercial experience in this sector or with closely aligned technologies:

  • immunology related startup, venture capital, corporate innovation
  • antibody / CAR-T cell production
  • clinical experience of prescribing and / or administering immunotherapies 
  • regulatory work on immunotherapies 

Experience in:

  • startup founder, venture capital, corporate innovation
  • brainstorming
  • recruiting
  • event-management



Santa Astratova, Head of Talent, via with your CV attached.