What we do: Emerging projects
We recruit entrepreneurial scientists and engineers with technical domain know how and bring together specific industry experts around their passions to build highly impactful ventures.

We believe that the vast majority of innovation that will emerge in the next century will be at the point at which two different perspectives coalesce to access opportunities previously invisible.

Intelligent healthcare
Personalisation, accelerating drug discovery, non-drug based approaches
featured EMERGING projects
A sample of some of the early stage products that we are working on in healthcare.
Working with you to build ventures in Healthcare

A few of the industry experts working with you to build the future of healthcare.
Jason C. Foster
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, HEC
Senior healthcare advisor specialising in marketing and operations. Previously at Reckitt Benckiser leading the growth of the global pharma business to $1.1B in revenue and a £2B LSE listing.
Avi Mehra
IBM Watson, Bupa

Has led the design, development and implementation of bespoke, innovative medical software across an NHS Hospital Trust. Worked with early-stage health-tech startups, advising on business models, funding, network development and market entry.

Jonathan Tobin
Life Science VC at Arix Bioscience
Life science specialist with experience of early and later stage venture capital deals, specialised in therapeutics and diagnostics. Board director of two specialist diagnostics companies and one drug discovery company, board observer of two biotechs and one molecular diagnostics company.
Focus area
Future industry
AI, robotics, computational & coms hardware, transportation, aeronautics
A sample of some of the early stage products that we are working on in future industry.
Supply Chain Optimisation
An intelligent system that generates optimised manufacturing supply chains to eliminate enormous waste and cost.
Working with you to build ventures in Future Industry

A few of the industry experts working with you to build the future of future industry.
Touchstone Innovations, Symantec, NXP Semiconductors
Mario is a Principal on the investment team at Imperial Innovations where he focuses on SaaS, machine intelligence and cybersecurity, working with import.io, Telectic and Garrison Technology among others. Previously lead strategy at NXP Semiconductors through to IPO in 2010, and Symantec.cloud, formerly MessageLabs, acquired in 2008.
Chris Daniels
Hybrid Air Vehicles

A C-suite transformational business strategy leader, with Board experience in charities and corporates. A wide-range of experience has led to a Corporate Affairs specialism, with significant experience in Sponsorship, Media, PR, Communications, Government Relations, Fundraising and Business Development.
Focus area
Enabling the bio-economy
Synbio, new materials, production energy, agriculture
featured EMERGING projects
A sample of some of the early stage products that we are working on in bio-economy.
Working with you to enable the Bio-economy

A few of the industry experts working with you to build the future of bio-economy.
Dr Jonathan Crouch
CDC Group, Agrinovis

Over 20 years experience of technology development and bioscience venture creation globally, including establishing an incubator, biotech platforms, and public-private partnerships. Most recently he built out a $60m facility at CDC for supporting early stage investments across sectors in Africa and South Asia. Jonathan originally comes from a research background in genomics, transgenics, computational biology and breeding.
Richard Quinn

Chief Executive at Farmcare Trading Ltd. A deep understanding of business transformation gained through working in large FMCG/Retail and manufacturing environments. A proven track record as an effective leader who is a creative thinker and highly adaptable. Consistently works and encourages others to deliver exceptional standards whilst developing and engaging team members to maximise their potential.
Arnab Chatterjee
Shell, Synthace and BioAmber VC, McKinsey & Company
Shell strategy development for H2 as an energy carrier and mobility vector; integrated into thinking around electric vehicles, biofuels development and the future of mobility. Focus on energy economics, value chain analysis, funding mechanisms, technology and strategic planning.
Ivan Farneti
Five Seasons Ventures

Ivan is the co-founder and Partner of Five Seasons Ventures, one of the first venture capital funds to focus on FoodTech companies in Europe. His experience includes structuring venture investments, organizational development, strategic planning, setting up governance for growth and planning for successful exits. Ivan is a former Board Member and EIR at Seedcamp, and an advisor to StartUpBootcamp Foodtech. Ivan will be joined by his co-founder Niccolò Manzoni who is ex McKinsey & Co and has been investing in Food tech since 2014.
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