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How to build an energy venture. Clean-tech V2

Deep Science Ventures opportunity series
An evening with the academics, investors, industry and successful founders looking to discover new opportunities for viable clean energy solutions.
2nd Feb at 6pm, EC1V 3AR, London
Who's leading the clean energy forum?
These events are forums: small and interactive with the aim of helping you to find new opportunities and new people to work with.

Energy is hard. From photovoltaics and hydrogen fuel cells to batteries, whilst the tech might take a jump forwards it rarely makes it to market. This session will look at how to address this and make energy ventures that work.

The conversation will be led by:
Jessica Dick
Investment Manager - Synergy Growth Fund
Jessica manages Synergy's portfolio of around 30 startups with cleantech ventures including grid scale energy storage, carbon capture and distributed power systems.
Allister Furey
Strategy and Business Development Manager at Reaction Engines
Allister led technical development and financial modelling at KPS, the kite based wind energy company which uses AI software for real time adaptive flight control. He is now to bringing to market the revolutionary SABRE air-breathing rocket engines.
Dr John Hassard
Reader in Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College
John has extensive experience translating academic research in to new companies including founding the tidal power company HydroVenturi, pollution analysis system Gusto and very large scale solar and biofuel systems.
Arnab Chatterjee
Group Strategy Manager for Hydrogen (Shell New Energies).
Arnab's experience includes investing in Avantium at Sofinnova Partners, building biobutanol with BioAmber and managing deals to provide hydrogen fuelling infrastructure in Germany. Arnab has a background in chemistry and chemical engineering, from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD.
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